SociallyMined Announces New SMDashboard™ Software

Despite significant investment, SociallyMined will offer this service for free to their clients. “We are committed to delivering results and value. By tracking all marketing analytics on their desktop and mobile devices, clients can allocate marketing dollars to maximize ROI,” explained Zeitchik.

SociallyMined (, a boutique digital agency and digital advocacy firm is launching their new dashboard solution before the New Year. Since launching in 2016, SociallyMined has become a leader in developing and using cutting-edge technology to track and influence sentiment using social media, mobile and influencer technology. Clients using their solutions and services include Fortune 500 companies and government organizations, as well as enterprise and early-stage companies in diverse sectors around the globe.

Steve Zeitchik, co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer for SociallyMined said, “Our platform and services have always been based on delivering quantifiable results to our clients. While we have been offering reporting features since day one, we felt it was time to allow our clients to view real-time reports to track the impact of their campaigns.”

Aside from their dashboard integrating with SociallyMined’s proprietary marketing solutions, it also allows for reporting with traditional solutions including Facebook Ads, Google Analytics, LinkedIn Pages, Twitter, and many others. “By offering a one-stop dashboard to track the impact of all marketing efforts, we are enhancing the value and maximizing each marketing dollar invested by our clients,” Zeitchik added.

While the system required significant development and investment, SociallyMined has decided to offer this service for free to their clients….

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