Smart Vent And IASM Provide Assistance And Flood Mitigation Solutions For Rebuilds And New Construction In Flood-Ravaged Texas and Florida

Smart Vent, a leader in wet and dry floodproofing solutions, and the International Association of Structural Movers {IASM} announced today they have teams on the ground in flood-ravaged Texas and Florida to provided education and flood-remediation assistance to families whose homes have been damaged by the recent hurricanes and require significant rebuilding or a completely new build.

Many of the damaged homes are in areas that have a history of flooding, yet most of these homes keep being rebuilt to the same, inadequate standards that made them susceptible to major flood damage in the first place. Another large chunk of affected homes have no flood proofing whatsoever because they lie in areas with no history of flooding and, unfortunately, this means the vast majority had no flood insurance either, which is kind of like being kicked when they’re down.

“The only truly effective way to protect these damaged homes, and new ones built in the same areas, is by elevating the structures and installing mechanically operated and ICC-ES certified flood vents,” said Rod Scott, an independent consultant to IASM. “Homeowners can rest assured that builders who are members of IASM have the knowledge and expertise to raise or move structures as needed to reduce flooding risk.”

Smart Vent’s Certified Floodplain Managers and engineers on the ground in Texas and Florida have the knowledge and expertise to specify appropriate floodproofing solutions, zone determinations, and can conduct compliancy checks – assuring homeowners their homes are flood resilient. And its in-house insurance agency partner, Risk Reduction Plus, utilizes Smart Vent’s Flood Risk Evaluator, a service which enables customers with appropriate flood mitigation to qualify for the lowest flood insurance premium possible.


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