PHOENIX – On an average day, Sky Harbor Airport sees approximately 120,000 passengers. Due to the holiday rush, on Friday and Saturday, airport officials say that number will be 20 to 30 percent higher.

“It’s always been easy. I mean we travel out of here four to five times a year,” said Michael Goodine of Scottsdale. He and his wife were leaving to visit family in Calgary.

Most travelers told 12 News they gave themselves extra time. They experienced traffic getting to the airport, but once they got there, it was a breeze.

“We do it every Christmas,” said Cheryl Nagler. She and her husband said they experience the busy airports every year while traveling to Oregon to visit family.

Wait times for security lines ranged from 10 to 20 minutes Friday afternoon.

The areas surrounding baggage claim were congested as several flights landed. 12 News caught up with families as they reunited with loved ones for the holidays.

“It’s amazing. It’s absolutely amazing. Who doesn’t want to be with their grandchildren and their children?” said a family as they greeted loved ones flying in from San Francisco.

TSA is reminding passengers not to wrap their Christmas gifts before traveling. Wrapped gifts will be unwrapped at security. Many airports, like Sky Harbor, have gift wrapping stations set up in the airport so you can get your gifts wrapped at your destination.

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