Skin Titan, A Boutique Luxury Skincare Line That Simplifies the Industry

Skin Titan Day Cream, Eye Cream and Night Serum

Full circle skincare in 3 products, with natural botanicals and high-tech vegan proteins.

Skin Titan, a newly launched boutique luxury skincare company, is simplifying a confusing industry by providing a full circle regimen in only 3 products.

The skincare industry today is like the medicine shows of yesteryear, peddling miracle cures for anything and everything. Often seen are large product lines, with each product addressing a single separate issue. This common sales tactic is designed to entice customers to buy multiple products. But, customers are often confused and end up unhappy when the amount they can afford only address some of their needs.

Only 3 products are offered at Skin Titan, consisting of a facial Day Cream, Eye Cream and Night Serum. Collectively, the products improve the look of fine lines and wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles, pores and acne, and overall tone and balance. They also aid in collagen synthesis, reduce free-radical pollutant damage, nourish and hydrate, and promote healthy skin.

There are no smoke and mirrors in Skin Titan products, typical in many companies claiming “anti-aging” that use excess hydration and harmful amounts of caffeine for instant plumping (along with a helping of dryness, irritation, and no long-term results). Skin Titan products are formulated with sensitivity in mind, including pure natural botanicals and high-tech vegan proteins to leave skin tighter, hydrated, clear, and radiant.

The main or “active” ingredients between the products include hyaluronic acid, seakelp bioferment, marine collagen peptides, vitamin A, EGF (epidermal growth factor), and sodium pca. Skin Titan first identified these…

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