Sketchfab Hosts WebVR Hackathon

Over a hot weekend in early July, six teams got together to hack together innovative WebVR prototypes. Following brief introductions and team formation on Friday evening, work continued through the weekend until final project presentations on Sunday.

After careful deliberation and voting across the four categories of originality, technical excellence, practicality, and API integration, the winners were decided.

First place was taken by Roland Dubois, Leonardo Malave and James O’Loughlin who developed an A-Frame GUI. The team walked away with arm fulls of Sketchfab swag.

“WebVR Hackathons are a great space to shape and explore virtual reality on the web. Many thanks to Sketchfab and Aquinas, who put this amazing event together and for giving us the chance to build tools to help the community grow. There is no doubt in my mind that the web is the platform and future of mainstream virtual reality; to prove my point, Apple just joined the WebVR community group. I hope our A-Frame GUI Component Framework will make it easier for traditional web designers to bring their projects into virtual space and join the WebVR community.” – Roland Dubois (A-Frame GUI)

The hackathon judging panel included Hugh Seaton who judged the technical merit of the projects, Guillermo Sainz who judged the design and presentation of the projects, Cole Ingraham who judged usage of the Amper API, and Mike Cobar.

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