Simple and Budget Friendly Home Decorating Ideas

The arrival of New Year presents us several opportunities to review our lifestyle. Many look forward to update and give their home a fresh and new look. With winter getting chilly, causing most of us to spend our time indoors, undertaking a home revamping project could be viable option.

For some, the mere thought of renovation may put them in an uncomfortable zone. They are likely to feel a bit reluctant on undertaking such project in view to the costs they may incur. However, revamping need not be an elaborate and expensive affair. Yes, you do not require spending a fortune on it. This write-up intends to share some smart and budget-friendly decorating tips to redecorate your rooms using color and accessories.

Maximize Appeal with Color

To a large degree, paint or color is an integral part of a decor and more so during makeover. If used right, it can work wonders – elevating a home’s overall visual appeal. Here are some cool ways of incorporating colors and redefining your home.



When repainting, avoid coloring the entire room. Instead, paint only one wall and create a focal point. Along with it, paint the ceiling with a lighter coat similar to that of the wall. To create drama and a level of sophistication, choose two colors, likely contrast –team a bright and dark tone. One need not always emphasize on paint, instead opt for furnishings like throw pillows, drapery and rugs. Use the chosen theme throughout the room. For example, mustard yellow wall surrounded with all white furnishings with an earth tone floor fabric at the center.



Other ways to play with colors is using them in different elements such as lampshades, light fixtures, furniture, planters, doors and kind. For example, replace the regular light bulb with a yellow one for a relaxed and mellow glow in your favorite nook. Likewise, a rosy lampshade adds an element of beauty and elegance. Be imaginative and get creative in the kitchen, add a few small terra…

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