Signs And Patterns That May Lead To Serious Truck Accidents

Where a small vehicle driving along the large trucks are always on the verge of having an accident, but large truck drivers also meet with a large number of challenges that small vehicles don’t generally face. Vehicle drivers need to take the precautionary measurements near such large conveyances.

 After handling the cases of personal injury cases involving large trucks, truck accident attorneys have identified some patterns that may lead to a serious accident, by recognizing these patterns altogether the risk of being involved in an accident can be minimized.

Driving in the Night: Exhausted drivers, driving in the night have become a serious problem in the commercial transportation industry. New rules for truck drivers, limiting the driving hours may cut the risk, but the excessive rate of the truck drivers with sleep apnea and insomnia still far from being in normal percentage. Human bodies are not designed to work or drive at night between 10 pm to 5 to 6 am. These hours are for rest, so if exhausted truck drivers drive during the night, chances of crashes also increased and the results can be catastrophic.

A Merging Attempt: Because of their large size, the truck drivers are able to make their way into any given lane of highway traffic with the rest of the traffic.  It is a wise step for the small vehicle drivers to give the trucks enough space by shifting into the other lane if possible.

Adverse Weather: taking a dime stop for a small vehicle in a heavy downpour is easy, but to expect this from a truck driver is a foolish thing. In such situations, the car drivers should maintain a safe distance with a truck on the road during such weather, avoid sudden breaking as it may lead to hydroplaning, that can be a deadly for the driver and surrounding motorists. The first 10 minutes of the rain are very dangerous because the rain mixes with the fuel residue and create slippery conditions, therefore try to avoid slamming on the brakes and do not…

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