Sign up for Hyperspectral Imaging Demos Commencing in August

Cubert FireflEYE S185

Demos through August 31, 2017. Request a demo by emailing us at info(at)bodkindesign(dot)com or calling our Newton, MA office at (617) 795-1968 ext 300.

Spectral imaging is a non-destructive technique used to solve a variety of complex problems we face every day. This unique capability combines high resolution imaging with spectral analysis. The system is used by researchers, agronomists, geologists, chemists, and manufacturers to deliver unprecedented datasets for chemical analysis, quality control, and decision-making.

Snapshot spectral imaging is key for applications that involve moving targets, from handheld or vehicle born instruments, or for imaging events that take place over time. This makes snapshot imaging ideal for any user whether your application is lab, field, airborne, or machine vision related.

There are several methods currently available for acquiring images, but they are limited in their ability to satisfy the need for temporal and spectral fidelity, while reducing cost. The innovative device from Bodkin Design & Engineering, LLC captures spectral and spatial information in one instantaneous video frame as fast as one full cube every 1/1000 of a second. With no moving parts, it provides high-resolution spectra in a compact, ruggedized, low-cost package.

For those interested in spectral imagers for their project, Bodkin Design is booking now for demo sessions of the FireflEYE S185 visible near-infrared (VNIR) hyperspectral imager through the month of August.

What: Cubert FireflEYE S185 ( Special features include full frame hyperspectral imaging in the VIS-NIR, no motion artifacts due to low integration time, WiFi remote control of…

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