‘She was trying so hard’: Alberta woman spent days seeking help for injured moose – Edmonton

Lorri Jankowski-Arndt had just finished lunch when a visitor showed up on her acreage, a stranger who would break her heart.

“My husband looked out the window and said, ‘Wow, that’s a big deer!” she said. “And I looked out the window and said, ‘No, that’s a young moose.’ “

They soon noticed the animal was injured.

Jankowski-Arndt says it was frustrating and upsetting that there was no help for the injured moose. (Jankowski-Arndt )

“This young moose was limping quite badly on the right ankle, just hopping along,” Jankowski-Arndt said. “But still feeding on willow, poplar and aspen.”

The moose, which she thinks was a yearling, seemed to be in distress but was calm and docile.

Jankowski-Arndt got a better look at the wound through binoculars.

“I noticed it was quite a bad joint break from the cannon bone on the right ankle,” she said. “It was bleeding at the time, so wasn’t sure if it was a trap or hit by a car on the nearby secondary highway.”

The couple put out some water and the animal stuck around their property, south of Sherwood Park.

Despite a badly injured leg, the moose was still standing and eating. (Jankowski-Arndt )

The next day they called Fish and Wildlife and were told to continue to observe the animal and call back if its health started to decline.

“We weren’t seeing that,” said Jankowski-Arndt. “She was trying so hard to keep going.”

Calls were made to several animal rehabilitation facilities, and they were advised to continue providing food and water. But no one was willing to send someone to check on the moose.

After several days, Jankowski-Arndt posted photos of the moose and an appeal for help on Facebook.

Another call was made to Fish and Wildlife but no one was sent to check.

“Our officers aren’t able to attend to injured animals in all circumstances,” said Brendan Cox, a spokesperson for Alberta Justice and Solicitor General. “In this case, the moose was close to food and water, and our officers hoped that…

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