Sen. Jeff Flake working Arizona as he faces tough 2018 race

PRESCOTT, Ariz. (AP) — Republican Sen. Jeff Flake has spent the first part of the August congressional recess crisscrossing Arizona, touring the U.S.-Mexico border, visiting a wildfire-scarred town and giving a speech to business leaders.

With low approval ratings and challenges from his own party, he will need to make the most of visits home if he’s to endure a tough re-election fight that will be among the hardest-fought struggles for any incumbent Republican senator next year.

Flake is in the crosshairs of many Republicans in Arizona, and he’s angered President Donald Trump by criticizing him. The White House is actively recruiting candidates to take on Flake next year, and Trump has pledged to spend money to defeat him.

Democrats also are eyeing Flake’ seat, with U.S. Rep. Kyrsten Sinema confirming Friday that she is exploring a run as well as state Rep. Randy Friese looking into a bid. Political newcomer and community activist Deedra Abboud so far is the only declared candidate.

Flake takes it in stride. In a lengthy interview with The Associated Press on Thursday in rural county north of Phoenix, the congressman elected 17 years ago and now serving his first Senate term swiped away talk that he’s damaged his re-election chances.

He recently released a book criticizing Trump and fellow Republicans for straying from the conservative values he embraces.

“I am a senator from Arizona. That tells you a lot about where my position will be,” Flake said. “I’ll look out for the state, I’ll look out for conservative principles.

“And Arizona tends to elect senators that stand on principle and are independent in their thinking,” he said. “So I’ll be with the president when I think he’s right and I’ll oppose him when I think he’s wrong.”

The Republican field to challenge Flake is still taking shape as the president’s backers sort out who they want to support.

Some are lining up with former state Sen. Kelli Ward, who lost her primary challenge to Sen. John McCain last year and…

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