Security Industry Association Establishes Public Safety Working Group

Steve Surfaro

The Security Industry Association (SIA) announced today its establishment of the SIA Public Safety Working Group, chaired by Steve Surfaro, Industry Liaison, Axis Communications.

SIA stands up the SIA Public Safety Working Group to develop recommendations to improve the safety, security, and sustainability of cities and communities using technology, said SIA CEO Don Erickson.

“As new and developing technologies undergo trial and testing or enter the field in use by public safety agencies, it is critical that the security industry maintain its voice in the appropriate adoption and deployment of these technologies,” said Erickson. “SIA members are uniquely qualified to provide council alongside active practitioners in police, fire, emergency medical services and other disciplines to maintain the safety and security of our cities and communities.”

SIA created the working group to focus on topics such as:

  • Emerging technologies, such as autonomous systems and unmanned vehicles
  • Issues in the proposed Tactical Solutions Handbook Outline, including but not limited to city surveillance, video analytics, and prevention/response capabilities to address emerging terrorist tactics like vehicular terrorism and portable explosives
  • The effective use of body-worn cameras by public safety officers and private security
  • Advocacy of public policies in support of the SIA Public Safety Working Group mission

“As a physical and logical security professional and educator, Steve Surfaro will serve as an excellent inaugural chairperson for the SIA Public Safety Working Group. His connections throughout the security industry are exemplified by his achievements, for example, as chair of the Security Applied Sciences Council for ASIS…

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