Seahawks’ Twitter mailbag: What’s the deal at kicker? And more fullback talk

In our latest Seahawks’ mailbag, more discussion about the kicking and fullback positions.

Time for another set of Seahawks questions via Twitter.

As always, you can ask yours at @bcondotta.

Q: @scottyselfish asks: Any kicker news??? Is Blair (Walsh) the man?

A: For now he is as he is the only kicker on the roster after the Seahawks last week waived John Lunsford, a free agent who had signed in March.

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The Seahawks signed Walsh in February knowing that Stephen Hauschka was likely to leave via free agency, which Hauschka eventually did, signing a four-year, $12 million contract with Buffalo.

Walsh, meanwhile, signed a one-year, $1.1 million contract with Seattle allowing the Seahawks to save some significant money while, they hope, getting similar production.

The Seahawks also said at the time, though, that they anticipated bringing in some competition for Walsh and signing Lunsford in March seemed to take care of that.

But when Seattle needed room for its eight undrafted free agents last week, Lunsford was among those getting the, uh, boot.

There aren’t a lot of other options —- the only significant veteran free agent active a year ago left unsigned is Dan Carpenter, who was with Buffalo last season (and who was memorably in the middle of a controversy with Seahawk cornerback Richard Sherman).

What were regarded as the three best college kickers last year were drafted, including Arizona State’s Zane Gonzalez by Cleveland.

There are a few undrafted rookies who remain unsigned, including Stanford’s Conrad Ukropina. Lunsford also remains unsigned and the team could just bring him back at some point.

But yeah, for now Walsh appears to be “the man.’’

Q: @gilroyrawrrawr asks: What happened with (fullback Brandon) Cottom? Hawks were high on him last year before injury, seemed excited by his workout enough to sign him.

A: Cottom, recall, was re-signed by the…

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