Sanders Praises Socialism in Debate with Cruz

Unlike many political debates, which degenerate into exchanges of personal insults, Wednesday night’s tax debate on CNN between Senators Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders stuck mostly to political philosophy and remained mostly civil.

However, Senator Sanders got a little “testy” when Senator Cruz compared Sanders’ model nation of Denmark to Communist Cuba. Cruz quoted Ronald Reagan, who noted that the guns on the Berlin Wall all pointed the same way — against those who wanted to escape communism in East Berlin. He then added that the rafts were also all going one way — leaving Castro’s Cuba — but no one got on a raft to escape to Cuba.

Sanders took umbrage, telling Cruz not to compare Denmark, a socialist “democracy,” to a totalitarian system like Cuba.

Despite taking such offense, the truth of the matter is that Sanders has praised Fidel Castro, the late communist dictator of Cuba. Sanders lauded Castro for the universal health care and education systems, which Sanders would like to see implemented in the United States.

Sanders was a member of the Young People’s Socialist League in college, but he also flirted with communism itself, even taking his honeymoon in the old Soviet Union. In the 1980s, Sanders was a featured speaker at a celebration of the Marxist Sandinista’s government in Nicaragua.

While Denmark has not executed political dissidents like in the Soviet Union or in Cuba, all three countries favor socialist economics. Sanders even said that Americans would be ready to pay the high tax rates paid by citizens of Denmark, if they only knew about all the free stuff they would get in return — healthcare, education, day-care, and so on. Sanders spent much of the debate arguing for keeping tax rates high…

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