Roy Moore’s Base Is Sticking With Him, Attacking Those Who Attack Him

WASHINGTON ― Even as Roy Moore’s campaign for Senate in Alabama has been rocked by allegations of sexual misconduct against him, many of the candidate’s most fervent supporters aren’t ready to abandon ship.

A group of over 50 pastors, who endorsed Moore in August, published a letter Monday renewing their support for his campaign.

“Roy Moore has been an immovable rock in the culture wars,” the letter, posted by Moore’s wife and later published on, read. It called Moore “a bold defender of the ‘little guy,’ a just judge to those who came before his court, a warrior for the unborn child, defender of the sanctity of marriage, and a champion for religious liberty.”

In separate phone interviews with HuffPost, several of those pastors voiced suspicion at the timing of the accusations against the 70-year-old Moore, suggesting that the charges levied against him were politically motivated.

Most of the comments came before Beverly Young Nelson on Monday afternoon became the latest woman to level charges against Moore, alleging he sexually assaulted her in 1977 when she was a teen and he was more than a decade older. But the tenor of the remarks from Moore’s backers indicated they’ll stick with him.

Frank Raddish, pastor at the Capitol Hill Independent Baptist Ministries, a nationally focused group, expressed skepticism that Nancy Wells, the mother of a woman who accused Moore of sexually assaulting her decades ago when she was 14 years old, didn’t seek redress for her daughter sooner.

“If the mother was so concerned for her daughter and what had happened, you would be at the police’s door that day or the next day when they found out, or the daughter would,” Raddish told HuffPost.

He said congressional Republicans who have been critical of Moore ―  such as Sen. John McCain of Arizona ― are playing up the news to discredit a candidate they have opposed from the start.

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