Roxcy Bolton, Feminist Who Fought for Equal Rights Amendment, Dies at 90

Her crusade to include men’s names when meteorologists differentiated hurricanes placed her at the eye of an international storm.

Women, Ms. Bolton said at the time, “deeply resent being arbitrarily associated with disaster.”

Following a long naval tradition of giving storms women’s names, just as ships are referred to by female pronouns, government forecasters adopted the practice in 1953 and applied it alphabetically.

Soon, weathermen — and they were mostly men — were applying sexist clichés to the storms, like suggesting that they were unpredictable or “temperamental” and were “flirting” with barrier islands or coastlines.

Ms. Bolton was not amused. The feminist leader Betty Friedan wrote in her memoir, “Life So Far” (2000), that as early as 1968, Ms. Bolton had “written me all incensed at the practice of using women’s names to name hurricanes.”

A year later, the

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