Rowpar Pharmaceuticals, Makers of CloSYS Oral Health Care Products Awarded the First Ever ADA Seal for Mouth Rinse to Help Eliminate Bad Breath

CloSYS Rinse now with ADA Seal for eliminating bad breath

Dental professionals and patients have a lot of products to choose from and this new first ever ADA Seal helps dental professionals and the general public better understand the ClōSYS difference.

ClōSYS products which are marketed as the gentle giants of the oral care industry are known for being non-irritating while extremely helpful for mouth and gum health, which is linked to one’s overall health. Since 1991 when the ClōSYS patented formula was first introduced their professionals and customers learned quickly of the powerful ways in which ClōSYS products immediately helped eliminate bad breath as well as help reduce plaque and protect teeth and gums without the burn, foul…

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