Join Maxim Habanec, Jirka Hronek, Max Kruglov & Egor Kaldikov on a joyride in this skate metropolis.

By Maxim Habanec

Welcome to Moscow, our destination of choice for this episode of “Skate of Mind.” Since we have so many great spots at home in Prague built by Russians back in the communist period, we thought it would be great to go to to the source and explore the rumored never-ending marble spots Moscow has to offer. 

It didn’t hurt that I have many good friends in Moscow, including Max Kruglov and Egor Kaldikov, who I always meet at contests around the globe, so this was a great opportunity to ride together beyond a competitive setting. With the wealth of their local knowledge, I couldn’t believe how many crazy spots we were able to skate in such close proximity to one another.

Russia also happens to be very cheap at the moment — everything was almost half-price relative to what we’re used to paying in Europe. If you venture there in mid-summer you’ll also get nice and lengthy days blessed with perfect weather.

For us, not all sessions happened without trouble, though — we had problems with security a number of times, but thanks to some local negotiating, we ran into…