Rock climbing, surfing the bore tide and fishing along the Seward Highway

ANCHORAGE (KTUU) – We’ve all driven on the Seward Highway. It connects us to point B from point A, it has spectacular views, and outdoor enthusiast can’t get enough of everything you can do there.

Riding the rails-AK Railroad in Turnagain Arm – Rob Tappana

From rock climbing, paragliding, surfing, hiking and fishing, the possibilities of a good time are endless.

It’s why we chose it as our final installment of our Get Outside series, this week on the Late Edition.

Rock Climbing: We met up with Lang Van Dommelen. He’s been climbing for 16 years and was nice enough to show us the ropes (no pun intended).

“For me, it gives myself a chance to turn off my brain to everything else that’s going on in my life and focus on what’s going on in the moment,” said Von Dommelen.

Rock climbing the Seward Highway gets a bad rap. You’re close to the highway, and there are some loose rocks. But Von Dommelen says the views from up top are amazing.

To get started, you need a climbing harness, hand chalk to keep your hands dry, climbing shoes, a helmet and a friend who you literally have to trust your life with.

“The relationship between the climber and his partner is like a really serious bond,” said Von Dommelen. “I’m going to place my life in their hands.”

It’s recommended that you get some basic training fist, which includes belay, anchor and safety skills. If you’ve never climbed before, try going to the rock gym in Midtown, which is a great, safe place for beginners. And remember, it takes time to learn.

“It’s both a mental and physical challenge,” said Von Dommelen. “For most climbers, you’ll never reach the peak. There’s something…

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