Review: ‘Desperate Hours’ Novel Tie-In Delivers Thrills And Insights Into ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ –

REVIEW: Star Trek Discovery: Desperate Hours

Written by David Mack
Published by Simon and Schuster/Gallery Books


“Another round of fire from the Juggernaut blew out the life-support station and filled the bridge with bitter smoke. The captain winced at the new damage, but she remained resolute. ‘Our job is to hold the line. Come blood, come fire, come hell itself – we draw the line here.’

Her courage proved contagious. Around the bridge, chins were raised, shoulders were squared against the approaching storm. No one was backing down. Not today…

Georgiou smiled. ‘That’s the spirit. Look alive, people! This is why we’re here!’”

Desperate Hours, the brand-new book from David Mack, is the first tie-in novel associated with Star Trek Discovery, and was timed to come out the week after Discovery’s debut on CBS and CBS All Access.

Short spoiler-free review

Mack has crafted an absolutely thrilling novel that had me turning the pages furiously to find out what happened next, and it’s filled with the kind of fan service that had this old- school Trekker drooling. The story turns on the accidental awakening of a massive, ancient alien vessel on an isolated Federation colony world, and along the way it works through themes of fear and loss, of cultural differences and preferences, and the old standbys of corporate greed and relativistic ethics.

I was stunned at the amount of insight the novel gives into the characters of Captain Georgiou, Michael Burnham, and Lieutenant Saru, but also by the excellent treatment of some old Trek favorites, as well. Along the way, Mack answers some of the objections some fans have made to the production design of Discovery, sometimes in very humorous ways. It’s a great sci-fi book in general, and an outstanding Trek novel in particular. Well worth the purchase for any fan of the franchise.


Cover for first Star Trek: Discovery novel

The emergence of the alien Juggernaut and its subsequent attacks…

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