Review: Children’s Book Week brings diversity to children’s literature

junior isabelle matson reads ‘the last stop on market street’ to a group of pLU students during the event.- PHOTO BY JOHN FROSCHAUER


Approaching the Anderson University Center’s grey area, a buzz fills the air in the small lobby. Several students walk around clutching books in their arms.

On the morning of May 2, the main lobby was filled with people listening to each student’s story and exploring a variety of stations.

I found myself sitting down and listening to one of these many children stories as well. I thought I was going to hear the typically children’s story with illustrations and a plotline of  damsel in distress.  However, I was very wrong.

The Children’s Book Week event, which took place in the Upper Grey Area earlier this month, included bean bag chairs, snacks and information about diverse children’s books.  The event, which was sponsored by PLU’s Education Department, also incorporated the “We Need Diverse Books” movement.

Ellen Oh and Malinda Lo, two young adult authors who come from diverse backgrounds, started the movement in 2014 through Twitter. Their concern for the lack of diversity in children’s books led them to use social media as a way to talk about this issue, according to the We Need Diverse Books website.

The movement incorporates children’s books about topics of people of color, LGBTQ, Native Americans and people with disabilities. These books are to help young children who are part of marginalized groups feel accepted and properly represented.

“If you come from interracial parents and you don’t see any books about it, then they will not feel accepted,”said junior Jose Godoy, who read “Two Separate Homes” to me.  Godoy, an elementary education major, believes that PLU wanted to host Children’s Book Week “because we promote diversity as a university.”

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