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Retired businessman loses battle with archaeological society over 'plebeian' tour groups spoiling his elevenses –

Following Mr Jasper’s complaint, the society wrote to the East Sussex Highways Authority requesting confirmation that the grass verge was part of a public highway.

Richard Comotto, 60, of the WAS said: “East Sussex duly replied with a map based on Land Registry information which, as expected, showed that the grass verges in Castle Street were indeed part of the public highway.

“This means that the public not only have a right to walk across the verges, but also to sit, dance, lunch, and do much else, subject only to the proviso that they do not cause unreasonable obstruction.”

He said the map also contained an unexpected finding – it showed that The Armoury’s front garden, which had been assumed to be part of the property, was in fact also part of the public highway.

“At some point in the past, it would seem, a resident of The Armoury illegally annexed public land,” Mr Comotto said. “WAS has passed a copy of the map on to the owner of The Armoury.”

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