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Rescued South Korean 'dog meat dogs' find temporary home in Maryland – Washington Post

Video from the Humane Society of the United States shows dogs held at a dog meat farm in South Korea. It is legal in South Korea to raise dogs as livestock or supply dog meat for human consumption. (Humane Society of the United States)

Of all the sad dogs in the world, perhaps the saddest are “dog meat dogs”: those raised for food in South Korea.

But, thanks to the efforts of the Humane Society International with an assist from a Rockville, Md., shelter, more than 30 of those dogs will find new homes in a nation where they will be hugged, snuggled and loved, not turned into dinner.

Twenty-four of the dogs, rescued from a South Korean dog farm by the Humane Society, arrived at Pet Dominion, a veterinary and boarding service in Rockville, earlier this week, and the rest are on the way. Alas, the dogs will not become Maryland residents, but are merely resting on their long trip to North Carolina, where they will be sent to no-kill shelters for adoption.

“They are doing really well,” said Kim Kirkman, Pet Dominion’s manager. “The ones that came Tuesday night were very fearful and afraid, and even in just a couple days have opened up to the staff for the most part.”

The former dog-meat dogs come in all shapes and sizes, Kirkman said. There are Jindos — a dog native to South Korea. There are terrier mixes and a greyhound…

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