Renowned Educational Futurist Dr. Sonny Magana Publishes New Book on the Future of Education

Dr. Sonny Magana

Technology is becoming ubiquitous in today’s classrooms—but mere access to state-of-the-art educational technologies will not automatically transform teaching and learning. Despite the billions of dollars spent yearly equipping classrooms with educational technologies, its impact on student learning has been both meager and unchanged after nearly half a century. Why are we continuing to fund, at considerable cost and effort, classrooms that are digitally rich but innovatively poor?

Dr. Sonny Magana has compiled four decades of ground-breaking research resolving the wicked problem of effective technology integration into his new book, Disruptive Classroom Technologies: A Framework for Innovation in Education, which is being hailed by global educational experts.

Disruptive Classroom Technologies promises to disrupt the current low-value uses of classroom technologies with a new T3 framework that advances instructional innovations with technology to maximize student learning productivity. T3 helps educational systems categorize students’ learning with technology as Translational, Transformational, or Transcendent, sorting through the low-value applications to reach high-value, high-impact usage of readily available classroom technologies.

“When it comes to technology in the classroom, we are simply not getting our money’s worth in terms of unleashing students’ limitless learning potential,” says Dr. Magana, founder of Magana Education. “That hurts us all, by underserving our most precious natural resource—our youth. That’s why I’m committed to helping modern educational leaders and educators follow the direction provided by quality research evidence and innovate rather than simply digitizing their…

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