Redefining the Affluent Life in Costa Rica

Retreat Leaders: Tera & Aj Maxwell

“The Affluent Life Retreat was the most transformational experience of my life. I entered Costa Rica unsure of who I was and my mission here on Earth, and left the woman I had always wanted to be!” says Renee Hallowell.

Tera Maxwell, Ph.D., and founder of the Affluence Method, is excited to announce a 5 day all-inclusive luxury retreat – The Affluent Life Retreat. The event will take place October 21st through the 26th and is set in the jungle and beaches of Costa Rica.

The Affluent Life Retreat is for attendees who are game-changers, entrepreneurs, professionals, and creatives who are here to make a big impact in the world. This retreat is designed for those who desire to live a life absolutely on purpose. And they want to move past the blocks that keep them from playing big in the world and create abundance from a place of ease and flow.

The focus of the retreat is Effortless Affluence – with the goal of living completely on purpose. “We get to redefine Affluence,” says Tera, “one based not on an accumulation of stuff, but based on freedom, joy, and adventure.”

Tera and her family of five left the security and comfort of the American Dream to live a life of simple affluence in Costa Rica. Tera knows that affluence is a byproduct of living on purpose in all areas of life. It is the freedom to create abundance in alignment with the heart, and to do what you want, with whom you want. It’s being able to take whatever situation that is showing up, and still feeling freedom inside. True affluence is an internal state first.

Tera and her partner AJ designed a life of freedom in Costa Rica for their family and teach others how to do the same. “The Affluent Life Retreat was the most…

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