Reassured For Life’s Education-First Approach now Includes Expanded Website

Nerissa McNaughton, owner of Alberta life insurance brokerage Reassured For Life (, is expanding the company’s website with educational materials designed to empower those that need life insurance products in Alberta.

“These days there are so many options for life insurance,” says McNaughton. “There are options for seniors, those with pre-existing health conditions like diabetes, those that were previously called ‘difficult to insure’ and more. In addition to a frequently updated blog that helps explain the options, and my YouTube channel, Reassured For Life’s fun and colourful explainer videos are now posted directly on the website too.”

The short video segments are in a cartoon style, and in under 30 seconds, inform the viewer about the key points of life insurance, such as an overview of term insurance, why procrastination is costly, the ins and outs of critical illness insurance, and more. New videos are added frequently.

“My goal is to make the conversation about life insurance as comfortable as possible, and that means giving you the tools and information to empower yourself about your choices. I use the website, social media and YouTube to provide that empowerment and information,” McNaughton concludes.

Please visit’s blog and video pages to learn more, and see how much you can save on life insurance with the instant term quote tool at Like Reassured for Life on Facebook (@reassuredforlife).

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