RealTimeRental Offers New Automated Email Options for Vacation Rental Managers

Our automated email system was designed to help vacation rental managers save time.

RealTimeRental, a leading cloud based vacation rental software company, recently released an automated email system designed to help automate daily tasks for vacation rental managers. The system can be used to automatically generate and send out emails to rental guests and property owners based upon predetermined actions in the RealTimeRental software.

“Our automated email system was designed to help vacation rental managers save time. Having the ability to automate daily tasks such as sending payment reminder emails to rental guests when their final payment is due and notifying property owners when a booking is created has been very well received by RTR clients” said Sherry Tomasso, Co-Founder RealTimeRental.

RealTimeRental automated emails are completely customized and are sent out from the client’s company email server. RealTimeRental clients are using the automated emails to notify property owners when a lease is created, send welcome letters to rental guests before check-in, notify rental guests if their payments are past due, send instructions about check-out procedure, and more.

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