Reality Shares Teams up with Nasdaq to Launch Blockchain Tech Index

SAN DIEGO–()–Reality
and Nasdaq announce the creation of the Reality Shares Nasdaq
Blockchain Economy Index, a smart-beta index that tracks the growth and
development of leading global companies creating and implementing
blockchain solutions.

An ETF that will track the Index is already in the works, with Reality
Shares filing
for it
on November 2, 2017.

Reality Shares and Nasdaq compiled the index by utilizing internal and
external research and their proprietary Blockchain ScoreTM
ranking system. The Index is comprised of global companies that seek to
capitalize upon transformational blockchain technology that may
potentially disrupt the markets in which they operate.

Reality Shares partnered with Nasdaq because of the exchange’s
established interest and experience in blockchain technology.

“The collaboration between Nasdaq and Reality Shares represents a
tangible way to track the growth of an industry that may revolutionize
the way commerce is conducted, and yet is still in its infancy,” said
Fredrik Voss, Vice President of Blockchain Innovation at Nasdaq.

Blockchain technology functions as a secure and unalterable digital
ledger of peer-to-peer transactions that is transparent to all, and not
reliant on a third party for management. The Index methodology
identifies companies involved with developing and implementing trusted
transaction solutions based on a peer-to-peer distributed network.
Applications that may be deployed by companies utilizing blockchain
technology may affect global payments, data storage, transactional
records and supply chain management.

“Reality Shares recognized the tremendous growth potential of blockchain
technology, and subsequently teamed up with…

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