Provide live chat support on your website

Provide live chat support on their website for sales inquiries and customer support along with email and phone support traditional is a good idea, it’s cheaper and easier to access any where in the world. Websites that use the chat software has increased its sales volume, lead conversion ratio and the stratification of site customers not using the chat system.

Live chat support is an easy task, multi -oriented and convenient way customer care system, which was widely accepted as one of the best mode of communication customer support along with email and phone support. Beware of pitfalls in the use of services live chat support for your business websites.

Live chat software has conducted a survey of users chat in the categories of business like e-commerce and customer sites and especially the support of web hosting where the experience was not entirely positive and many of the chat users has bad customer experience due to any one of the following reasons.

The operator can invite a visitor to chat in real time as soon as she entered their website, most website visitors getting irritated if pop Chat invitation to images immediately. Invite to avoid using chat more often, allow visitors to freely navigate through the pages, we invite you to talk only when it was in the key pages such as product prices, compare products, and view the pages of the amount of time.

Never invite visitors to chat if you omit / refused his request to chat, because they know their website offer online chat services and you can call for Live Help when you feel in need of your assistance of an operator.

Avoid delay in accepting the request chat chat request waiting in the queue for a long time chat, most live help operators took 5-10 minutes to accept the chat request message despite said system queue length at only 2 or 3 in most cases. Moreover, after a long system timeout redirects offline messages to leave a message and lots of customers bother to this action because they consider it a waste…

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