ProTrailer Cinematic Volume 2 was released by Pixel Film Studios for FCPX

ProTrailer Cinematic Volume 2 – Pixel Film Plugins – FCPX Effects

This FCPX Plugin comes with 30 cinematic presets.

ProTrailer Cinematic Volume 2 is set of highly detailed, exciting and energetic teaser trailer tools for Final Cut Pro X. Each preset has its own look and feel, including all styles from comedy to science fiction. ProTrailer Cinematic Volume 2 is designed for any skill level editor, giving users new levels of creative options, without the effort of animating. Every preset contains an all-new edit mode, speeding up the workflow while allowing users to see the camera movements in real-time.

ProTrailer Cinematic Volume 2 includes 30 different highly-detailed cinematic presets. Each preset contains its own unique look and feel, while putting each user in the driver seat, reaching new heights of control. Every preset in ProTrailer Cinematic Volume 2 contains fully editable 3d text, keyframe-less animations, color controls, and more.

ProTrailer Cinematic Volume 2 includes an all-new edit mode, helping FCPX users quickly change the camera motions in real-time. FCPX users can select and set a starting point, mid-point, and end-point with rotation controls, for edge-of-your-seat movement. Each preset contains kinetic intro and exit text animations, giving users the ability to animate by letter, word, or all content together.

Each preset included in ProTrailer Cinematic Volume 2 is designed with new-levels of realism in mind. Every preset includes Camera-Lens refractions, environment composites, lighting and more. ProTrailer Cinematic Volume 2 also gives users the familiar controls of past volumes, but with new and easier processes put in place, saving the user valuable time. FCPX users can fully immerse their…

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