Proto-Forge Opens Its Doors as Neoden’s First US Based Distributor and as Raise3D’s East Coast Distributor

Proto-Forge is proud to announce its first brick and mortar location in Seymour, CT. This new store front is centrally located between New York City and Boston and will continue to offer great deals on Raise 3D N1, N2, and N2 Plus printers and Neoden 3, Neoden 3V, and Neoden 4 SMT pick and place machines. With a physical location in place, Proto-Forge encourages its customers to come in to see the products in action and to get hands on training to hit the ground running. To celebrate Proto-Forge is offering 10% off your order of a Neoden 3V, Neoden 4, any Raise3D printer, and all accessories. See for details.

Working closely with both Raise3D and Neoden Technologies, Proto-Forge brings affordable prototyping equipment to everyone from the hobbyist, to the small product development firm creating prototypes, to large corporations looking to reduce their development costs. Proto-Forge offers the full line of Raise3D printers and accessories as well as the Neoden 3V and Neoden 4 pick and place SMT machines.

“These are great companies offering great products.” says Proto-Forge’s President Bill Flynn III. “Raise3D’s line of printers are outstanding and a vital part of our product development organization. From test fixtures to prototype enclosures, not one day goes by where there isn’t something printing on at least one of them. Our Neoden 4 SMT pick and place machine has helped reduce the lead time and cost of developing prototype PCBs, allowing us to develop products faster. Board manufacturing used to take 3-4 weeks and cost thousands of dollars for just a few boards. Now within one day after I receive blank boards, I have multiple completed boards ready to be programmed and tested. Also, if one of the boards becomes damaged in development, with the flip of a switch…

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