ProParagraph Corporate was released for FCPX by Pixel Film Studios

ProParagraph Corporate – Pixel Film Studios – FCPX Effects

ProParagraph Corporate is full of self animating text designs.

Pixel Film Studios presents a set of 30, self-animating, paragraph styled corporate text designs created specifically for use in Final Cut Pro X. The business-oriented elements and dignified animations are designed to expedite the editing process for all media productions. Pixel Film Studios’ ProParagraph Corporate will deliver a professional and distinguished look to any multi-line text animation within Final Cut Pro X.

ProParagraph Corporate is a package of 30 corporate styled self-animating paragraphs created for multi-lined text purposes. Choose from presets with elegant animations containing professional design elements that enhance any and all media productions. ProParagraph Corporate’s dignified animation designs make it an essential component to any video production. ProParagraph is the perfect way to broadcast multiple line text information across any media selection.

Choose from a vast arrangement of innovative animation preset designs that expedite the editing process. Each ProParagraph Corporate preset includes both an intro and outro animation, as well as the capability to lengthen the timing of the animation itself. Each preset is corporate-based and elegantly animated to bring a dignified and professional mood to any video production. Use ProParagraph’s innovative style to bring an informative structure across all media applications.

ProParagraph Corporate’s simplistic user-interface options offer an effective method for users to customize each preset design with on-screen controls. On-screen controls allow editors to change the positioning, rotation, and scale of each preset….

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