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I VALUE making memories, especially with my family. I also firmly believe that documenting and preserving these memories are equally important. Life is pretty much like the waves on a beach, ebbing and flowing. Some moments are akin to a single wave, coming once, never to return again. Thus, it is essential that we capture these “moments in time.”

Dreaded Dementia

Many say that memories last forever and we can keep coming back to them as they’re printed in our hearts. However, I grew up with a grandmother that developed dementia (Alzheimer’s). It came to a point where she could not remember anything at all. She thought her only son was her husband, and she became jealous of his wife (her daughter-in-law).

It was heartbreaking and painful to watch. Seeing the vivacious person I love and grew up with become a mere shadow of her former self is brutal.
That’s why, now, I advocate preserving memories in tangible forms like old letters, photographs, scrapbooks, and other mementos.

Thankfully, both my parents passed on their love of scrapbooking and journaling to me; so even if my mom and grandma are now in heaven, I still have a huge memory bank to pore over to make me smile and help me remember our happy times.

Some life events are milestones, like births, weddings, or baptisms which can easily be recalled. Sadly, day-to-day life is taken for granted and often lost in the hectic buzz. When I think about it, I can barely remember what I ate the other week, much less what happened to my family a few months ago.

Cam Phone

Luckily, we all now have our handy cam-phones that pretty much document everything in our daily lives, which allow us to “freeze” our favorites.

We can share pictures instantly on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Viber, or Twitter. FB even has an “On This Day” feature, which reminds us what has happened on the same day a year or many more years ago.

Moreover, with fancy technology, our camera phones take photos just as good as a DSLR,…

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