Praise Accumulates for “Tinker Dabble Doodle Try” Book by Srini Pillay M.D.

The new book “Tinker Dabble Doodle Try” from Harvard Psychiatrist and cutting edge brain researcher Srini Pillay M.D. is accumulating extraordinary praise from media throughout the world. (

The book, which focuses as a road map to discovering why we “unfocused” and more importantly, how to harness the mindset to become more innovative and less stressed in the boardroom, living room, or classroom.

In less than a month, extraordinary praise has greeted the book’s release:

“Pillay’s effortless writing style, combined with an excellent balance of popular psychology and self-help, makes this a helpful read for those who enjoy a light dive into psychology with practical applications.” —Library Journal

“Tinker Dabble Doodle Try masterfully guides us to become the conductor of our own neural symphony. By developing routines that deliberately oscillate between focus and strategic distraction, we become more fully present in the moments that matter most to us, decreasing our perceptions of stress and aligning the brain and body in healthy harmony. I’m excited to schedule even more Tinker-time in my day, and to have scientific validation to post on the door when I’m in my self-induced time out.” –Heidi Hanna, New York Times bestselling author of Stressaholic

“This book is that rare combination of fascinating narrative and practical prescription. It not only gives you license to step off the hamster wheel of focus, focus, focus, but it will show you how to strategically and productively do so.” – J.J. Virgin, New York Times bestselling author of The Virgin Diet

“This brilliant book shows how to harness a hidden neurological process that taps into our creativity, simultaneously…

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