Postscripts: Where they — and we — are now

Our writers offer updates on some of the interesting people, places and issues they covered in the pages of Pacific NW magazine in 2017.

Catching up on some of the best tales we told in 2017:

IN JANUARY, as President Donald Trump prepared to take office, college administrators around the country worried that international students would be deterred from coming here to study. And here in Washington, students from foreign countries wondered whether they’d still be welcome in America.

But this fall, at least at the University of Washington’s main campus in Seattle, the number of students who came from abroad actually increased. Although slightly fewer students from other countries applied for admission, more said “yes” when they got an acceptance letter. The final count: 1,153 freshman international students enrolled at UW Seattle, about 28 percent more than last year, when there were 901. They make up about 17 percent of the freshman class.

Nationwide, however, many colleges did see a drop in the number of international students accepting an admissions offer from a U.S. university. Still, some experts say it’s too early to say whether there’s been a “Trump effect” on international enrollment.

Katherine Long

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Pearl Jam, we know about. But whatever happened to the ironworks artists who worked in the Belltown studio above the band’s early rehearsal basement?

SOON AFTER graciously sharing humorous stories about the first year of Pearl Jam’s history, Louie Raffloer and Mary Gioia got the boot.

Raffloer and Gioia had been creating ironworks art at Black Dog Forge and Studio Gioia in a Second Avenue building in Belltown for more than 25 years. When they started there, a new band, called Mookie Blaylock at the time, was practicing in the basement under their shop.

“They were working on a record that was going…

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