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Hyndsight Vision Introduces Safety Monitoring Vision and Recording System for the Equine Industry

Peterborough, NH – Hyndsight Vision System introducing a recording version of its popular wire-free vision system, Journey, for the equine industry that helps minimize stressful situations while in transit, allowing for greater well-being and health for trailered horses. Users can enjoy all the benefits of Journey, but with the ability to record simultaneously, while still providing real-time recording and video stream, remote on/off capability, and high definition recording quality that can be stored on a 32 MB SD card for easy removal and downloading.

Capture is comprised of a custom designed camera and monitor with a sunlight readable screen, antenna set, and two mounts in a solid case. It’s rugged, water resistant and provides a real-to-life visual field. The system provides real-time recording and video stream through a direct wire-free connection (camera to monitor) and a clear image that can transmit up to one-third of a mile with direct line of sight.

One of the revolutionary highlights of Capture is that it can be mounted literally anywhere with the ability to pair-up to four cameras per monitor with each camera having separate recording capability. Mounted within seconds on the inside of a trailer, Capture allows the driver to fully view the trailer interior. Once the horse has arrived at its destination, whether placed in a stall or pen, the camera can be re-purposed for monitoring the animal.

Capture has a 3 to 4- hour battery life before charging is required or can be optionally hard-wired. Three different lens…

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