Polyverse Announces Full Zero-Day Protection for 10,000 Linux Open-Source Applications With a Single Line of Code Download

Polyverse Corporation, a leader in the field of DevOps and IoT security, today announced general availability of Polyverse-protected Linux respositories, with cyber-protected versions of 10,000 Linux applications and system components. Customers can now get full-stack Linux protection with a one-line configuration change to use the Polyverse Linux repository.

Cyber-protection is provided by Polyverse’s proven and validated binary-scrambling technology. Binary scrambling creates unique, but fully compatible, versions of applications that are drop-in replacements for the standard versions. Their uniqueness defeats crafted cyber attacks—remote access attacks in particular. These attacks are particularly devastating as they give attackers control of infected systems. In 2017 to date, approximately two-thirds of all cyber-vulnerabilities were susceptible to crafted attacks—and Polyverse mitigates all of them.

Polyverse’s ability to completely block attacks was recently further validated. An independent expert group of elite pen testers was hired by one of Polyverse’s customers to execute an independent penetration test. Their findings showed that Polyverse provided 100% protection against their hacking attempts, conclusively proving the resilience of Polyverse’s Moving Target Defense technology against web-application and remote-code-exploit attacks. Their report concluded that “None of the attacks against the Polyverse production website resulted in remote access, sensitive information disclosure or the ability to modify server-side information.” (For more, see https://www.isaca.org/Knowledge-Center/Research/ResearchDeliverables/Pages/Polyverse-Case-Study.aspx.)

Diversity is a powerful cyber defense tool because sophisticated, crafted cyber attacks rely on detailed knowledge of the target binaries….

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