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Polo streaming transforming sport of kings into interactive digital 'grandfather of extreme sports' –

John Horswell, manager, coach and commentator, added: “The value of showing games online is that you create an immediacy that allows the viewer to be part of the event whilst you’re not there. It’s an outstanding attribute.”

The fact that it is digital, adds Horswell, is that the audience can “participate in the match itself by passing comment as it’s being aired, with the commentator reading it out and being interactive.”

“I think this is an area that could do with expansion,” added Horswell about a new element which has not been traditionally there for the audience watching live at an event.

“I think that if people are watching something like that, it’s a bit like watching a football game or looking at the BBC Sports app while a football or cricket match is on.”

Greg Hughes started Polo Cam, which has become a production company, in 2004 with Horswell.

“It came about initially for coaching purposes,” Hughes said. “John came to me in 2005 and I was still on crutches following a motor bike accident. He put a camera in my hand and he said ‘come with me’. I said ‘what are we doing?’ He said we’re going to build a business. That was the day we started and from then on we just built and built.

“What happened is over time it got more and more popular.¬†We developed a relationship in the high goal and started to deal with all the clubs and all the high goal teams. We then went forward and started live streaming. We live streamed our first game in 2008. And then after that we…

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