Police officer goes ‘above and beyond’ after teen’s faulty bike causes crash

After responding to a teen who crashed her bike trying to avoid a car, a Burlington police officer decided to do something.

Fourteen-year-old Mackenzie Giroux was riding her bike through her neighborhood on an afternoon in late April. She was headed down a hill and toward a car when she realized her brakes didn’t work. She ditched her bike and took a tough tumble to avoid hitting the car.

“It was close, but ya know, thankfully the car wasn’t injured, and she was able to walk away with minor injuries,” Mackenzie’s mom, Kasia Bergeron, said.

Mackenzie had road burn and hit her head hard enough to need a staple. But even more, she need a bike with working brakes. That’s where Officer Jake Seller comes in.

“When she told me that her bike didn’t work correctly, it had a lack of brakes, a light bulb kind of came on that I have a bike that had brakes that is looking for a home. And I thought she would appreciate that and get good use out of it, so it seemed…

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