Police arrest Nuneaton gunman after storming bowling alley

A gunman who held two members of staff hostage at a bowling alley in Nuneaton has been arrested and the two employees are believed to be unharmed, Chris Clegg, operations director of MFA Bowl, said.

The suspected gunman was taken to hospital in an ambulance after police stormed the West Midlands building.

Parents who were in the complex with their children on the first weekend of the half-term holidays described how they were told to barricade the doors with furniture while the gunman was on the loose.

The incident is now over, police have confirmed.

Medhi Amshar, manager of the MFA bowling alley in Bermuda Park, has said that two members of his staff were being held hostage. 

Mr Amshar said he believed the gunman was the partner or former partner of one of his employees, although this is unconfirmed.

He said he realised two members of his staff were missing following a headcount after the building was evacuated.

Witnesses described the gunman as being “in his 40s” and carrying a gun “slung” over his shoulder.

The gunman is said to have yelled at people to “Get out”, screaming “Game over!” at terrified men, women and children enjoying a family day out.

Lawrence Hallett, who had been at a family children’s party at the alley, told Sky News: “One of the staff came up to us and quietly whispered in my ear to leave and I initially thought it was a fire alarm or something like that and I said ‘What’s the problem? We are halfway through a game’ and he said ‘There is a gunman’.

“I looked up and there was a guy, probably 20 or 30 feet away,…

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