Pilot projects will boost French language instruction in some schools – New Brunswick

Some students in kindergarten to Grade 3 at four rural anglophone schools will get at least 15 minutes more of French every day under pilot projects being launched by the New Brunswick government this fall.

The French language pilots, announced last month, are aimed at improving access to French learning at schools where there is an interest, but insufficient numbers to create an immersion class.

The four schools that will provide “extended opportunities” for some K-3 students to learn to speak, read and write in French include:

  • Riverside Consolidated School (Anglophone East School District) 
  • Miramichi Rural School (Anglophone North School District)
  • Campobello Island Consolidated School (Anglophone South School District)
  • Doaktown Elementary School (Anglophone West School District)

“Learning opportunities will be included throughout the curriculum in these grades including in the subject areas of literacy, numeracy, art, music and culture for a minimum of 15 minutes per day,” the government said in a news release on Thursday.

Currently, non-immersion students get about 30 minutes of French per week week, starting in kindergarten, with the focus being on “an appreciation for French language and culture,” according to the release.

Will share best practices

The four selected schools will have the flexibility to decide how exactly they want to implement their pilot project, including which grade levels will participate, it said.

All four pilots will be monitored to “see how they are working, how students are responding and how these learning opportunities could be expanded to other schools,” Department of Education and Early Childhood Development spokeswoman Kelly Cormier said in an email to CBC News.

“Schools will share best practices and participate in peer-mentoring,” she said.

The department worked with the school districts to select the four schools, said Cormier.

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