Pieology server fired for obscene anti-police note on Torrance officer’s receipt – Orange County Register

A Torrance police officer’s receipt for pizza touched off a firestorm on social media Monday after it was revealed that his server typed an obscene message onto his bill.

The officer, who was in uniform, did not respond and, in fact, left a tip when the female server handed him the shocking receipt that said, “F— The Cops” when he stopped for takeout lunch Thursday at Pielogy, 3720 Pacific Coast Highway.

“He remembers a young lady who rings him up,” said Sgt. Ronald Harris, a Torrance Police Department spokesman. “He looks at the receipt. He immediately noticed what it says.”

A spokeswoman for Pieology, a custom fast-casual pizza restaurant based in Rancho Santa Margarita, said Monday the employee was fired and the worker’s message does not reflect the attitude of the chain.

Officer didn’t make scene

The officer, who declined to speak publicly Monday and asked a department spokesman to speak for him, did not talk to the server. Instead, he decided not to make a scene.

“He wanted to say something. He wanted to go up to the young lady who actually wrote this,” Harris said. “He wasn’t angry, but he was so pressed for time.”

The officer received what is known as a “uniform discount,” which police officers sometimes receive from businesses when buying restaurant meals. It was his first time there, and he was not expecting a price reduction. He added the savings to the bill as a tip, Harris said.

“He watched her very closely when they packaged his pizza because he wanted to make sure it wasn’t altered,” Harris said. “He was empathetic. He wanted to know “what happened to you to make you do something like this?’

“He paid his bill, grabbed his food and headed out to an assignment to relieve some other officers on a busy day,” Harris said.

Although the lunch was handled by a female worker, the receipt shows a male employee’s name, Harris said, indicating the woman possibly was logged in as someone else.


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