Physera raises $2.8M to streamline physical therapy

If you’ve ever ended up with an injury, you’ve probably gone through an overly long process to eventually end up in a physical therapist’s office: you go to a doctor’s office, they take a look, hand you a slip of paper, and refer you off to a PT office (that might not even still exist).

And that’s just to get to the point of actually starting the workouts and processes you need to heal and start better managing your pain from an injury or a chronic problem. So Dan Rubinstein and Cameron Marlow, who’ve dealt with it before and wanted to work on a healthcare startup, decided to start Physera to strip that process down to the basics that patients dealing with pain actually need: getting to the exercises and routines and making sure they keep doing them. The startup today said it has raised $2.8 million from Innovation Endeavors, Lux Capital, Expa, Slow Ventures, and iD Ventures.

“We wanted to create a much tighter connection [with a physical therapist],” Rubinstein said. “If you’re really seeing PT as a primary treatment, between visits the provider has no info on what’s going on. There’s a lot of evidence that shows people don’t adhere to their treatment plan when they’re out of the PT’s office. We saw a nice angle to integrate these problems. Both collecting data about what patients are doing outside the office increases the visibility to what the PT can do to act and adjust their program. It also gives a reason for individuals to adhere to their exercises.”

The front-facing consumer part of it is an app that patients that have been prescribed PT open up to see the workouts they need to complete and collects data on how successful those routines were in helping them mitigate pain over time. It’s the second part of that process that’s designed to help the physical therapists on the network get a better sense of how to target their recovery and maintenance plans with patients, which they coordinate remotely. The whole…

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