Peru’s Pardon of Fujimori Condemned by U.N. Rights Experts

Teresa Tyntalla Contreras, a 62-year-old candy vendor, said she lost a child in one of the massacres for which Mr. Fujimori was convicted. Ms. Contreras said she voted for Mr. Kuczynski when he faced Mr. Fujimori’s daughter Keiko in a runoff in 2016.

“We are angry at Mr. Kuczynski because he has stabbed us in the back,” she said.

Fabián Fernández, 22, a college student who was born halfway through Mr. Fujimori’s administration, called on the government to resign.

“Fujimorismo represents violence, dictatorship, repression, selective killings and bribery,” he said.

Mr. Kuczynski has portrayed his decision as an act of compassion and a gesture toward reconciliation — a move that Mr. Fujimori welcomed in a video recorded from his hospital bed, in which he asked critics for forgiveness — but the president’s critics see a more cynical motive. Mr. Kuczynski survived an impeachment vote last week with help from a faction of lawmakers led by Kenji Fujimori, a congressman and the younger son of Mr. Fujimori, and critics see the pardon as the reward.

The pardon has touched off a wave of resignations, including those of several members of Congress and senior civil servants. On Wednesday, the resignations continued, with the departures of the culture minister, Salvador del Solar; a presidential adviser, Máximo San Román; and the executive in charge of Peru’s public radio and television stations, Hugo Coya.

Daniel Sánchez Velásquez, a Justice Ministry official who resigned earlier in the week, said there was “an essential incompatibility” in Mr. Kuczynski’s wish to provide reparations to victims of violence while “freeing, through a questionable procedure, he who in the context of that terrorist insanity responded with terrible crimes that contributed to the suffering of Peruvian society.”


Mr. Fujimori made a public statement via a video on his Facebook page on Tuesday.

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