People Of The Plains: A Love For The Game

“Be kind; everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.” That quote is one of Halee Langen’s favorite quotes.

This is an adaptation of an interview that I had with Halee Langen in “A love for the Game” as told by M’Kenzie Garrett.

When you meet a person your initial reaction isn’t to ask them what battles they have overcome or how difficult it might have been for them to fight those battles. Sometimes, the extent of a hard time can be measured by a single painful experience, but other times it can be the smaller things that add up to bring the pain.

Halee was diagnosed with coarctation of the aorta and a bicuspid valve whenever she was an infant. This heart conditions means that the valve that pumps blood to her heart was pinched shut and most people have three heart valves and she was only born with two. When they did the procedure they cut out the part of the valve that was pinched shut and sewed it back together. According to the US National Library of Medicine 1-2% of the population experiences this heart disease.

When they did the procedure to correct the problem, they cut out the part of the valve that was pinched shut and sewed it back together. This condition was supposed to alter her ability to play sports from a very young age. 

“Two weeks after I was born I went into heart failure and I had to have immediate open heart surgery. A few weeks later I went into heart failure again. This was a really traumatic experience for my parents to overcome,” Haley said.

Halee’s mom is a coach and had always dreamed of being able to coach her daughter someday.

“When they found out I was a girl, my mom was extremely excited because she knew she would be able to coach me,” Haley said. “So when the doctor told my…

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