‘People are dumb’: Crowds ignore warnings, flock to see sea lion that yanked girl into water

A sea lion in Richmond, B.C., near Vancouver, grabbed a girl and dragged her into the water on May 20. A man jumped in and swiftly rescued her. (Michael Fujiwara)

Port officials in Steveston, B.C., a seaside community on Canada’s west coast now known as the site of the viral sea lion-yanking incident, have issued several warnings:

Don’t feed the sea lion.

Don’t touch it.

Don’t come near it.

Don’t let your children come near it.

But the warnings, which port officials said in media interviews and wrote on new signage at the wharf, did not stop people from flocking to the tourist destination to get a glimpse and snap pictures of the now-famous California sea lion.

By Monday, two days after a startling video captured the sea lion grabbing a little girl by her dress and dragging her into the water at the Steveston Fisherman’s Wharf near Vancouver, the area was crowded with tourists and locals, according to CBC News. It’s unclear whether anyone has been feeding the sea lion, but pictures taken by local media show people, including children, standing and leaning close to the dock. Some held up their phones to snap pictures.

Bob Baziuk, general manager of the Steveston Harbor Authority, told CBC News that about 100 people were at the dock Sunday night.

“Sometimes, you got to give your head a shake,” Baziuk said. “Steveston’s going to be synonymous with the ‘Jaws’ theme pretty soon. You have a hungry animal, and these people are dumb enough to feed it.”

The girl’s parents were criticized for letting their daughter get close to the sea lion and were accused of illegally feeding the animal with bread crumbs. The family acknowledged that the…

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