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Angelica Beiter won the Peach Queen of Niagara County crown in September of 2016 and with that achievement came a certain amount of responsibility.

“Every year, the Peach Queen pledges to raise funds for a cause or charity that she suggests,” said Jennifer Pauly, president of the Niagara River Region Chamber of Commerce.

For Beiter, that cause was simple.

“I chose the Make-A-Wish Foundation because I was granted a wish myself this past December,” Beiter said. “So I’m hoping to raise enough money to send another child on a wish.”

Beiter has raised $5,000 of the $8,500 required and hopes to get closer to her goal by hosting a fundraiser on Sunday in the Town of Niagara. The basket auction and vendor fair will begin at 11 a.m. and end at 6 p.m. and will be held at St. Vincent De Paul Parish Church, 2748 Military Road in Niagara Falls.

For Beiter, the cause holds a personal story.

“I was diagnosed with a genetic illness the summer after I graduated high school,” Beiter explained. “It’s called Hereditary Anglioedema (HAE) and my mom applied for me to be granted a Make A Wish and they granted me one and I waited a year and a half because I wanted to go specifically at Christmas time with my family and my best friend.”

Beiter spent Christmas Day that year in Disney World. She said that the experience bonded her family together and they didn’t have to worry about her being sick for awhile. She wants to give that experience to someone else because it was so important for her and her family.

“It gives you something other than health problems to think about and just being able to help grant these wishes is good,” Beiter said. “I think they have about 42 wishes they have to grant this summer just in the Buffalo-area. They need the support and donations from the community.”

Over the past year, Beiter…

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