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PAYETTE — With a name that pays homage to the Corvette model, cars have been a part of Sting Ray Robb’s life since birth.

From racing karts in Star, Idaho with his father and grandfather as his crew to the Pro Mazda Series now, Robb is continuing his journey to become an IndyCar Series driver.

Robb accounts watching Travis Pastrana, a motorsports competitor, flip a go kart as the moment he knew he wanted to drive when he was just 4 years old.

His mother, Kimmie Serrano, said that Robb wore a racing suit for Halloween each year. To this Robb said, “I didn’t want to dress as a racer, I wanted to be the racer.”

Now that want became reality as he finds himself racing in the Pro Mazda Series, a minor-league division for IndyCar. And at 15 years old, Robb is the youngest competitor in the series.

Not only does the level of racing Robb has reached speak to his talent as a driver, but his dedication to the sport as well.

To practice, Robb travels to California where he had to receive a special exemption to drive on the track because of his age. The events in which he competes are primarily on the east coast as well.

Robb said that living in Idaho creates a disadvantage when it comes to racing because he cannot practice on the event tracks and there are challenges that come with traveling across the country.

However, Robb said that living in Payette has allowed flexibility in his life that he otherwise would not get if he were to race full-time.

Robb plays soccer, baseball, basketball, golf and skis along with racing. Something he said makes him a better driver because he stays in physical shape; an important part of racing considering the vehicle he drives travels at 120 miles per hour and has over 1,000 pounds of break force.

“It feels like you are flying, but on the edge of disaster. Your gut is clinched, but at the same time…

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