Passion, pride and speed at the core of Superworld Electronics’ breakthroughs

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At the heart of every automobile, modern appliance and personal device such as a smart phone or computer lies a microcosm of electronic components. Changes and improvements in lifestyles have spurred the demand for these integral parts which can be found in nearly all technological advancements, and the pursuit for better performing products is driving breakthroughs within Superworld Electronics.

The magnetic part designer and global supplier is making strides in wireless charging module development while producing leading-edge components in the areas of automotive, solar energy, wearable technology and 3D printers, among others.

Shifting its focus from trading to manufacturing electromagnetic parts such as inductors, ferrite beads, transformers and choke coils, Superworld Electronics is also bolstering its research and development (R&D) capabilities. It is keen on becoming a one-stop solution provider to Asia’s leading technology players.

“The markets are changing very rapidly,” says Adeline Wong, senior director. “We have to be faster than the markets so we are investing heavily in R&D to keep up.”

Maintaining state-of-the-art automated facilities, Superworld Electronics offers tailored solutions – from material composition and distinct component architecture to building more powerful yet smaller scale product designs. Time to market is crucial in the industries it serves where products are outmoded quickly, so the company’s capability to develop its own materials supported by an automation strategy is a key advantage, making Superworld Electronics more flexible and competitive. As a result, the company is trusted by top industrial and technology firms including Fujitsu, Verifone, Hewlett-Packard, Dyson and DJI.

“It’s all about the relationships that we have with clients and suppliers,” Wong says. “We are very passionate about working…

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