Paradise Limousine Company Announces Brewery and Distillery Tours in Paso Robles, Calif.

Paradise Limousine Company, a Paso Robles limo company, announced this week the addition of brewery and distillery tours to its popular wine tours.

With all the new hotels in Paso Robles, wine tours are more popular than ever. Along with the area’s award-winning wines, the growing popularity of the local beers and spirits is a special treat that the limo Paso Robles owner, Paul Eitel, wants to be sure his tour guests experience.

“We love our award-winning Paso Robles wines,” said Eitel. “And, our local breweries and distilleries are one of this area’s best kept secrets. Our goal here at Paradise Limousine is to give our guests a very special experience with our amazing local beers, ciders and spirits.”

The limo Paso Robles locals and visitors depend on for special events offers wine, brewery and distillery tours in luxury limousines or in luxury vans for larger groups. Owner Eitel is a Paso Robles native with over 30 years on the Central Coast. Limo Paso Robles tours can be designed to personal preference or be surprised by Eitel’s knowledge of the best places to sample the wine, beer, spirits and enjoy good food.

The Paso Robles limo picks up guests at their hotels, inns, bed and breakfast or at home and returns them at the end of the day. A six hour tour includes Korbel champagne, choice of a decanter of Stoli vodka or a fine Canadian whiskey, water and soda..

Over the past few years, Paso Robles has become home to craft breweries producing award-winning beers, many that are only available in the tap rooms.

The nearly new distillery boom in Paso Robles even has its own “Paso Robles Distillery Trail.” Many of the distilleries operate out of wineries. Enjoy sampling grappa, brandy, vodka, gin and vermouth, all distilled from the grape juice that is a side product from the wine making…

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