PageGate Version 8 Enhanced SMS and Text Messaging Gateway

Sending Text Messages

NotePage, Inc is pleased to announce the release of a PageGate version 8. PageGate is a complete text messaging and SMS solution that incorporates a wide variety of messaging protocols for sending messages to cell phones phones, mobile devices, wireless devices, fax machines, email, and pagers.

PageGate allows alerts to be sent instantly to any mobile device, in any location, at any time. PageGate is modular and scaleable. It can be incredibly powerful serving the needs of a multi-location business or agency or a simple setup can handle the day to day messaging communications of a small office.

In today’s “instantaneous” world, companies, schools and government agencies are challenged to manage and respond efficiently, and quickly to a variety of notifications, alerts, and alarms. PageGate focuses on improving and streamlining critical communications regardless of the business size and needs. The new version of PageGate has a number of new enhancements, which expand functionality and capabilities making PageGate a very powerful, efficient and yet affordable text messaging solution.

One of the most compelling new features in PageGate version 8 is a new Filter Pack option. The PageGate Filter Pack is used in conjunction with the Command Line ASCII Interface, enabling PageGate to pass all messages through a customizable filter. With the Filter Pack clients can modify and conditionally modify any part of the messaging data. The Filter Pack can reassign who a message is delivered to based on words or phrases. It can modify the body of the message. It can modify the subject line. It can insert pre-determined text and as well as a variety of other changes. With PageGate’s new filter pack, you can even poll information…

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